26 hours out

in a state veering between high anxiety and flaky exhaustion, one last appeal for hands on deck…
In 26 hours time, the polls will close on the 2007 election. The whole country holds its breath. What are the odds Australians will vote for a break from the past, change the Government, and send an expanded team of Greens Senators to Canberra?

The tempo in the office has stepped up with all our campaign efforts coordinating booths, advertising, leafleting and media, converging on these last crazy days.

The Regional Group campaign teams have gone into overdrive and volunteers have fanned out across the state. We’ve really seen everything come together in the final week – we’ve had our best ever media profile, and advertising presence, and it’s been amazing to see the phones running hot with people wanting to know how they can help.

It could be a very close race on Saturday – for the Government, and for the Greens. Despite solid polling all year, nothing about our capricious Senate voting system guarantees we’ll win in the end – I expect we’ll be biting our nails for weeks.

Nonetheless, it’s been an absolute honour working with all of you – from the FECC team who first convened on Vallentines Day way back in February, to the candidates who have hung in through the highs and lows all year, to the unstoppable green army which is even now gearing up for the big day.
It’s going to be a scorcher, so take sunscreen, drink plenty of water and save some energy for the party – at the Volleyball Club on the corner of Charles and Vincent Streets in Northbridge. One way or another, it’s going to be a big night.

This is probably the last you’ll hear from me and your wonderful campaign crew until the post-election wrap up – have a great day tomorrow, give the office a bell if you know of anyone who has time to help out, and we’ll see you – perhaps – on the first evening of the post-Howard era.