full circle

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Full Circle is now available online or in your favourite bookshop.

Published by Black Inc. Books, it’s a combination of travel journal, geohistory, systems theory and political polemic in which everything catches fire at the end. I hope you love it.

See what they’re saying over at Booktopia and quite a bit more over at Goodreads.

full circle perth launch

Full Circle First Birthday Book Launch
Presented by WA Climate Leaders in collaboration with Beaufort Street Books.

Tuesday May 24, 2022
6pm for 6.30pm start
State Library Theatre, Northbridge

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bullant camp, wattle forest 1998

the road to wattle

A couple of friends are admiring a two-foot section of steel pipe with an odd reverence; encrusted with welded spikes of rebar and scrap metal, it clearly has an important part to play in whatever is being done here.

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national strike in san jose, costa rica

strike wave

A concept so old it comes to us in a dead language: divide et impera. The original phrase is attributed to Philip II of Macedon as he played Greek city-states off against one another in the fourth century BC. In ancient Greek, διαίρει καὶ βασίλευε; in English, divide and rule. A favoured tactic of emperors and dictators from Caesar to Bonaparte to Mao, it is also a staple of the modern workplace.

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