digital rights

julian assange banner

the end game

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is slowly dying in a UK prison, as the US maintains its fight to have him die in theirs – but there is hope.

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cypherpunks and surveillance power

Let’s go looking for the best examples of how people are building something better, something that delivers on the internet’s original promise. Let’s signal boost the good stuff for a change.

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remember wikileaks

Despite this remarkable publishing record, almost nobody in the mainstream press writes about the disclosures themselves. Instead, commentary is drawn almost exclusively to the character and conduct of founder and editor Julian Assange.

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trapped in a national security script

In two crisp sentences on an Insiders panel, News Corp columnist Niki Savva expressed everything that’s wrong with how the media and political classes deal with the strands of authoritarianism creeping into Australian life

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the wikileaks test

Way back in the 1920s, Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach formalised a scheme for diagnosing schizophrenia that involved showing abstract patterns of ink blots to patients, and drawing conclusions about their mental state from how they interpreted the images. Where one subject sees a butterfly in the enigmatic splatters, maybe you see a pair of wolves poledancing, or whatever, it’s on you. First published at Crikey The WikiLeaks organisation has operated as a kind of political Rorschach test since at least 2010, when they exploded into mass consciousness with the Collateral Murder footage of journalists and bystanders being executed by

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